Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Updates: The Book, E-Book, The Shop and More…

A few updates on various things:

The Jimseven Book

We closed the IndieGoGo backing page today, and won’t be taking any more pre-orders for the book. The good news is that the physical books are printed, packed and currently in a container inside a ship somewhere, and are getting ever closer to the UK. We hope to be dispatching mid-August (depending on customs clearance). After that, they’ll be available in the Square Mile shop and a few other places online that I’ll link to once they’re live.

I received my test press of a finished book and I’m really pleased with it. The printer has done a great job, and it feels and looks great. I am excited!

The E-Book Version

The E-Book version has been sent to backers already – if you haven’t received an email check your spam folders. As such it is now available for purchase and immediate download in the jimseven shop. It is delivered as a link to a zip containing both .mobi and .epub files. It is £3, the price of a good cup of coffee 1. Thanks to everyone who has supported this.

The best of jimseven 2004-2015 (ebook) – £3

The Shop & T-Shirts

We built a little shop that currently has a few new things. The shop has had a little redesign to be more in keeping with this place.

Alongside the Coffee Variety Family Tree Timeline poster (I need a better name), and the ebook, we now have a few t-shirts available. A few people had asked about them, and I thought it’d be fun.

They’re simple designs, no words (No one has to know it’s a coffee shirt. Unless they know already…) and just the jimseven circle swirls from the book cover. They’re available in a bunch of colours, not just black and white.

T-Shirts! – £16

We’ve some fun, ridiculous, sensible, useful and useless new things lined up. Keep an eye out…

  1. This will come in a separate email after the confirmation  ↩︎

Friday, 7 July 2017

The Coffee Podcast – Part One of my interview

I enjoyed being a guest on The Coffee Podcast. I think I got a little ranty in places, and so this is part one of two of the interview.

I talk a lot about writing, blogging, the early days of blogs and forums, the frustrating obsession with stats and data it is all too easy to acquire. Listening back there’s a lot I want to correct/improve about what I said – so feel free to pick me apart on twitter!

    Monday, 3 July 2017

    Video Q&A Volume 1

    I don’t post every video I make on this blog, but this one seemed relevant. It’s a bit of an experiment at this stage, but it felt like a fun way to do a Q&A. This round used questions taken from Twitter, and I have a few questions from Facebook (I haven’t forgotten, those who asked things!) to make up the next one. Perhaps I’ll do a Youtube one, or a Reddit one for r/coffee and obviously one from the contact form on here. (All of this presumes that people like the format/the video – so do please let me know your thoughts)

    Topics covered:

    • Speciality Pods and Instant
    • Saturation in the coffee market
    • Cupping for Espresso
    • Will roasters buy coffee farms?
    • Automation in Roasting
    • Simplicity vs Selections in Cafes