Thursday, 13 August 2015

A New Coffee Classifieds Section

We’re launching a new section of Coffee Jobs Board today – a Classifieds section for people who want to sell coffee related things (like espresso machines, grinders or anything else – domestic or commercial). You can post an ad on the site for free, as a 7 day listing. This 7 day listing will always be free. (There is a featured 30 day option for £3/~$5.)

Since its launch and transition from London Coffee Jobs, the Coffee Jobs Board has continued to grow and I hope has continued to be useful to many businesses. The rate of job postings, and job applications, continues to increase and it is slowly spreading outside of the UK.

A few people had asked if they could sell equipment through the jobs listings, and I had said I’d rather they didn’t – but it did encourage me to explore the idea more. Traffic to the board is now at a level of about 200,000 page views per month – so I think the Classifieds section can be a useful place for people to sell various items.

Please note – the site is just for listings, you are not buying the item from the site and we’re not responsible for the transaction in any way, and we don’t take a cut of the payment. Do please do your due diligence on anything you buy, regardless of where you find it.

Feedback is welcome – this is a live beta, so there may be the odd bug which we’ll fix as quickly as we can. I really want this to be a useful resource for anyone with an interest in coffee, commercial or domestic.

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