Monday, 17 August 2015

The State of Espresso 2015 Survey

It has been a long time since I’ve done a survey on the brewing habits of the readership of this blog. I figured it was a good time to do it again. (I think the last time was 6 years ago!)

From this I’ll produce a little report looking at trends in espresso around the world at the moment. Please, be honest about how you or your cafe makes coffee – there is no wrong answer!

Before we get to the data input – a few words of explanation. For the ground coffee dose in – ideally just give me a single number that you use as a starting point. 19g of 15.5g or whatever it is. However, please don’t input the “g”. Just “19” or “15.5”. Same with the brewing weight too please. I know we all work in ranges, but I’m just looking for an overview.

Aside from kindly filling in the form, I’d like to ask you to please share this as far and wide as you can. The more data the more interesting the results will be. I will run for at least a couple of weeks, and wrap up once entries slow down.

Thank you!

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