Monday, 28 December 2015

Why a Coffee (or Two) a day keeps the Doctor away

Next time someone tuts at you for drinking coffee, point out to them that coffee comes with a range of health benefits. Unless it’s your 20th full strength coffee of the day, then the doctor is probably fine to be telling you to cut down. Kris Gunnars BSs from Authority Nutrition rounds up 13 of the proven health benefits of regularly drinking coffee.

  1. Coffee can help people feel less tired and increase energy levels
  2. Coffee can help you burn fat.
  3. Caffeine can drastically improve physical performance.
  4. There are essential nutrients in coffee
  5. It may lower your risk of type II diabetes
  6. There may be a protective effect from Alzheimers and Dementia
  7. And Parkinsons
  8. It protects your liver.
  9. Fighting depression and makes you happier.
  10. Lowering your risk of some cancers can’t be bad.
  11. A lower risk of stroke
  12. You could live longer,.
  13. When you look at the Western Diet coffee is the bigget source of antioxidants.
A fair few of these benefits come from the caffeine content of the coffee, as well as the antioxidants present. For the most the people studied were enjoying 3-6 cups of coffee a day. For those without pre-existing anxiety or high blood pressure it seems that science is now showing us that drinking coffee does more good than harm. So why has coffee always had such a bad press? Studies over the years have linked coffee drinking to some scary health problems. Yet it seems the researchers failed to take into account the fact that at one point heavy coffee drinkers were more likely to be heavy smokers and alcohol drinkers. Source Medical News Today. So enjoy your coffee, or two, or three, it seems that our daily vice, now may become a daily health benefit that we can all enjoy. If caffeine is an issue for you we have you covered with one of the best tasting decaff coffees on the market  Mexican Mountain Decaffeinated.

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