Friday, 15 January 2016

Mocha Coffee Beans

If you enjoy a nice Mocha, you might be surprised to learn that the Mocha Coffee bean is not the same as the Mocha Coffee drink. A Caffe Mocha includes added chocolate flavour, a real hit of South America, but the Mocha Coffee bean is a hidden gem with a rich taste and a rich history. mococoffee2A species of Arabica bean the Mocha bean was first marketed from the Yemen port of Mocha. A principal port of the coffee trade from 15th to 18th centuries, the Mocha bean has outlived the ports major connection to the coffee trade. The taste is distinctive with Yemen Mocha coffee being described as lively, even a bit gamey. The pleasant wildness of Yemen Mocha has overlays of dry cinnamon, cardamom, and dry fruits (e.g., raisins) and occasional notes of tobacco, wood, roasted nuts, or sweet spice. Rich chocolate tones and hints of fruit and wine are noticeable when the Mocha coffee beans are given a Dark Roast which also intensifies the taste and aroma as well as the coffee’s body. There are two main varieties of Mocha bean according to the espresso coffee guide the two main types vary in taste.

Mocha coffee is marked as either Mattari (which has chocolate overtones and a heavier body) or Sanani (which is more balanced and with a fruity character). Mocha Sanani coffee is known for its complexity and exotic pungency, while Mattari coffee (which is sometimes blended with Yemen Mocha coffee), is distinguished for its winey acidity.
Mocha has been a highly prized bean for at least 500 years, and was one of the first beans marketed heavily to the European market. It’s well worth the effort to source this prized bean, it is a traditional favourite when blended with Java beans to make Mocha Java.

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