Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Longberry 2 now available

Just a quick note that Longberry Issue 2 is now widely available. If you want to pick up a copy direct from us, or buy wholesale, then just head over here to the Longberry Store.

As before, there’s a digital download available (though you really want the physical of this issue…) When we’ve sold out all the physical copies then the digital will continue to be available.

We’re really proud of this issue, and I think it is a big step forward from the first. It’s going to not only interest you but also challenge you, whether you work in coffee or just enjoy drinking coffee. There’s an overview of the issue here.

As before: we produce the magazine without any advertising in it and pay our writers and contributors, and with your support we can continue this (very) occasional journal of coffee. If you want to write for us then email editors@longberrypress.com.

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